ML Lincoln is an award-winning photographer and filmmaker. In the 70's, she worked on film crews for the American Film Institute and other production companies in Los Angeles. While living in Tucson in the 1980's, she won national recognition for developing the More Exposure Project workshops for Tucson's troubled youth. In 2007, she received an Advanced Documentary degree from the Zaki Gordon Institute for Independent Filmmaking in Sedona, AZ. Her 2007 documentary "Drowning River", received Juror's Honorable Mention at the Taos Mountain Film Festival, Honorable Mention at the Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival and Best Picture/Best Director at the Zaki Gordon Film Festival.


Drowning River DVD

"Drowning River," ML Lincoln's award winning documentary short, has garnered several festival awards. Featuring singer/songwriter/activist Katie Lee, the film tells the story of this eloquent and feisty woman's 50-year battle against the Arizona politics and corporate agendas that 'murdered' her beloved Glen Canyon. Drowned under Powell Reservoir, the film reveals the grave environmental errors caused by the flooding of this remarkable and little known canyon. We see the beauty of Glen Canyon as it was before the dam and hear Katie describe the struggle to stop the dam's construction and her continuing activism to drain the reservoir and restore the free-flowing Colorado River. At 90 years of age, Katie Lee is one of a unique group of activists that has helped bring national and international attention to the degradation and environmental mismanagement of the Colorado Plateau's rivers and canyons and the bad science behind big dams. The film received recognition for Best Picture and Best Director at the Zaki Gordon Shorts Film Festival, the LeAnn Lucero Award and Honorable Mention at the Taos Film Festival. Festival screenings include, The Big Easy Film Festival, Sedona International Film Festival, Flagstaff Mountain Film Festival, Aspen Shorts Film Festival, Durango Film Festival and the Telluride Mountain Film Festival.

"Drowning River," tells both a sad and inspiring story. It is the first of ML Lincoln's films that explores not only the stunning canyon lands of the southwest but also the unique characters that inspired Ed Abbey's renowned novel, "The Monkey Wrench Gang."

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Lines Across The Sand

Edward Abbey's cherished novel, The Monkey Wrench Gang, is the unifying thread throughout WRENCHED. Abbey's beloved fictional characters Doc Sarvis, Bonnie Abbzug, Seldom Seen Smith and George Washington Hayduke spring to life through intimate interviews, as their living counterparts share their spirited tales of defending the earth. For over forty years, these people have been key players in bringing the environmental issues of the American West into national and international prominence, keeping Abbey's message alive and inspiring new generations of activists.

Striking a balance between the same sardonic humor inherent in Abbey's novels and the true heartbreak of environmental devastation, this film delivers a multitude of emotions.

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